Wednesday, 27 May 2020


09:00 AM (CDT)

16:00 PM (CEST)


45 minutes

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Introducing the new CESK Data:
Cost Engineering Standard Database for high-quality estimates

The brand-new release of CESK Data offers you all knowledge you need to make high-quality estimates. CESK Data, the reliable source of cost data available, is now even more powerful with the new data enhancements your project control team needs.


Well-structured, complete, and always up-to-date, CESK Data is used throughout a range of industries all over the world. It ensures all your projects can be estimated accurately through the extensive cost database. Available for various locations, CESK Data takes into account the specific conditions for each region, such as local labor rates, currency exchange rates, utility, and material prices.


Join this online seminar as we'll walk you through the upcoming CESK data enhancements and how to use them to achieve your project goals.

During the online seminar, we’ll cover:

  • ·         An inside look at the CESK Data roadmap

  • ·         The newest cost data enhancements

  • ·         Q&A with the CESK Data and Cleopatra Experts

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Featured Speakers

Bhara Rangarajan

Bhara Rangarajan


Certified Cost Engineer, Senior Cost Data Consultant for CESK DATA


Bharadwaj Rangarajan is the Senior Cost Data Consultant for CESK Data, the leading cost database for industrial projects. With a wide range of professional experience, Bhara has played a key role in successfully advising and training major clients across North America and Europe on how to add value to their projects using data.


Specialized in process, energy, data analytics, and data science, he has led the development projects of cost engineering business processes in industries such as oil & gas, bulk, and chemicals, pharmaceutical, offshore dredging, and nuclear.


Bhara is a Certified Cost Engineer (CCE), and he holds a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

Gideon Klipstein

Gideon Klipstein


Vice President Business Cleopatra Enterprise


Gideon Klipstein is the Vice President Business of Cleopatra Enterprise, the dedicated project cost management software solution.


Gideon holds Bachelor, Post Bachelor, and Post Master’s degrees in various Business Administration topics. He has been providing services to numerous large industrial companies for almost 10 years. During that time, Gideon has built up an international network in various industries such as mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, energy, offshore, chemicals and shipbuilding.


As the VP Business for Cleopatra, Gideon advises major companies on how to improve their project control activities and leads Cleopatra’s strategic business development initiatives in the Australasian region.