29th Nov

Costs of equipment: get a price in just 3 simple steps

Wouldn’t that be a dream coming true for every cost estimator? The ability to estimate cost for an equipment item in just three simple steps on your computer? With the CESK Objects knowledgebase developed by Cost Engineering, this has become reality. So here’s all you have to do.

Select the equipment

Within the estimating tool in Cleopatra Enterprise, you select the CESK knowledgebase after which you select Objects as the assembly level. That leads you to an overview of all available cost models that are ready for use. Dozens of models are included for, amongst others, columns, compressors, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, and vessels. Of course, for each type of equipment, there are plenty of variations to choose from, apart from the parameters that you put in later.

Define the equipment

This step requires of course some level of detail of your project design, which usually comes from engineers working on the project. When you think of detail, think about things like the capacity of the equipment, operating pressure, material type, size, et cetera. Once you put those parameters in the cost model, Cleopatra will automatically calculate a range of other variables that impact the total costs of the equipment which will result in an estimated price. In this phase, you can also overwrite some of the automatically calculated fields, in case it is significantly different from industry standards.

Account for related disciplines

The total costs of a piece of equipment is more than just the procurement price. It also includes installation, piping, scaffolding, insulation, painting, just to name a few. Within the cost model in Cleopatra you can account for those disciplines by entering a couple of additional parameters, after which the associated costs will automatically be calculated.

If you follow these three steps for all equipment items in your project, you have a fairly complete estimate with a reasonable amount of accuracy considering the status of your project. You’ll see it will save you a lot of time and effort compared to conventional methods.

If you have a question, or want to know more about CESK data, please feel free to contact us.