CESK Offshore Wind

CESK Offshore Wind

Used for estimating costs for all components in your offshore wind farm projects.

As the demand for more sustainable renewable energy solutions has increased significantly in the beginning of the 21st century, so has the number of installations of offshore wind farms.

The need to reduce uncertainties and achieve accurate cost estimates that match the level of project maturity in this field is prominent like never before.

As a result, multiple developments have been taking place within the industry, including the demands to:

  • Create new turbine specifications for larger diameters
  • Adapt to more challenging physical locations (such as deepwaters)
  • Upgrade the capacity and the lifting heights of ships
  • Improve simulation capabilities (production estimating)

To tackle these new-emerging demands, CESK Offshore Wind offers an all-inclusive cost-estimating solution which covers all aspects of an offshore wind farm: from wind turbines to cables and substations.

Whether you are interested in a high-level estimate (and thus, an object-level measurement) or a detailed estimate (a unit rate measurement), CESK Offshore Wind adapts to the needs of your project depending on the information available on the stage of your project. 

The database achieves the most accurate cost estimations by using capacity factored models for concept screening, and parametric cost models for feasibility.

CESK Offshore Wind dataset integrates effortlessly with Cleopatra Enterprise, the project cost management software.

Additional Information

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  • Power density: 1.71 kW/m2 – 4 kW/m2
  • RPM: 10.5 – 35

Generator (in the nacelle)


  • Frequency: 50/60
  • Voltage: 66 – 3300 V


Typical values:

  • Weight: 200-1600 t
  • Length: 20-120 m


Typical values:

  • Weight: 400-2000 t
  • Length: 30-95 m

Gravity Based Structure

Typical weight: 1800-5000 t


Typical weight: 2750-3500 t


Typical weight: 10000 t

Typical values:

  • Nominal voltage: 12-66 kV
  • Conductor cross section: 95-800 mm2

Typical values:

  • Nominal voltage = 220 kV
  • Conductor cross section: 70-2000 mm2

HVAC collector substation

Typical values:

  • Weight of foundation: 400-5600 t
  • Weight of topside: between 630-6700 t


Typical weight: 8900-17000 t

Typical values for an onshore substation:

  • Incoming cable lines: between 33 and 320 kV

Typical values for installation parameters:

  • Average speed crane vessel: 7.4 knots
  • Average speed SSCV/DCV: 6.6 knots
  • Installation days for topside of substation: 3
  • Installation days for substation foundation: 2 ¼
  • Array cables lay-rate: 0.3 km/day
  • Export cable lay-rate: 0.7 km/day

If you want to know more about the CESK Offshore Wind dataset, please feel free to contact us.