The Richardson database is a widely-used and reliable cost database of material and equipment costs, labor productivity, and subcontractor pricing. It is mainly focused on data from North America and therefore contains very specific and detailed information. 

The database is regularly updated and covers data of over 130 North American markets, such as individual market-specific labor rates and cost standards, weather, transportation and location information, and man-hour costing guidelines based on over 61 years of history.

Like CESK Data, the Richardson online cost database can effortlessly be integrated with Cleopatra Enterprise, which makes it very easy to implement. Together with Cleopatra Enterprise and CESK Data, you will have all the data and tooling needed for your cost estimating.

Using the Richardson database has the following benefits:

  • Save time – Estimate immediately without creating a database
  • Improve Accuracy – Complete backup provided for all line items
  • Increase Confidence – Richardson Data is used worldwide for over 61 years
  • Regular Updates – Material Prices and man-hours are updated frequently

Richardson’s database includes approximately 193,000 items. The following account sections are included:

  • General notes and instructions (e.g. square foot and parametric estimating, cranes and hoisting equipment, rental equipment)
  • Sitework (e.g. site grading, structural excavation, railroad sidings)
  • Concrete (e.g. continuous footings, concrete walls, one way and two way pan joist, process equipment foundations)
  • Masonry (e.g. marble and granite, glazed concrete blocks, natural stone)
  • Steel and metal (e.g. ledger angles, structural steel, tapered steel girders, pipe supports and pipe racks)
  • Carpentry (e.g. plank flooring, roof decking, solid wood paneling)
  • Moistur protection (e.g. building paper and vapor barrier, built-up roofing, preformed metal roofing and siding)
  • Doors & Windows (e.g. steel access doors, fiberglass faced entrance doors, garage doors)
  • Finishes (e.g. fireproofing of structural steel, seamless floors and wainscoting, wall coverings, surface preparation, pipe and equipment coatings, painting)
  • Specialities (e.g. laminated partitions, access floor systems, metal lockers)
  • Mechanical (e.g. cooling towers for water chillers, air conditioning control systems, plumbing, service piping, steel and stainless steel process piping systems, tank level gauging devices, pipe hangers and supports, piping and equipment insulation)
  • Electrical (e.g. rigid steel, plastic and aluminum conduit systems, conduit hangers and supports, thermocouple extension wire and cable)
  • Process equipment:( (e.g. conveyors, separators, compressors, pumps and motors)

Do you want to know more about the Richardson Online Cost Database, or do you want to receive a demo version of this dataset? Please feel free to contact us.