07th Mar

Out at sea: the costs of offshore projects

Creating a cost estimate for an offshore project like an oil platform or pipe laying on the seabed is entirely different from onshore projects. These projects are often quite unique and have little possibility to compare to other projects.

High risk

Offshore project costs involve various kinds of boats and machinery which are often the major components in such projects. The costs per day of this machinery make it that the amount of time that they are needed should be estimated as accurately as possible.

Getting an overview of all the required activities, the duration and allocation of these activities and the estimate costs that are associated with them is a challenging task. In addition, the increased uncertainties and huge capital investment involved in such projects make the cost estimation effort play a very important role in the success of any offshore project.

CESK Offshore

For almost 30 years, Cost Engineering has developed the CESK Offshore knowledgebase. Based on dozens of representative offshore projects, the CESK Offshore data contains information that is hard to find anywhere else. Specifically built for all your marine and installation work, this dataset covers everything to properly estimate activities such as offshore pipe and cable laying and platform installation works.

Due to the setup of the CESK Offshore data, the information can not only be used for installation activities, but also for decommissioning and (platform) transportation. For example, various types of pipe-laying vessels, tugs, and barges can be selected and estimated based on their rental cost per day, including fuel cost, etc.

Below is an example of the data available in CESK Offshore, which can improve the quality and accuracy of every offshore project cost estimate

If you have a question, or want to know more about CESK data, please feel free to contact us.