CESK Unit Rates

CESK Unit Rates

Used for bidding and detailed estimating purposes.


The CESK Unit Rates dataset contains cost information on a detailed level and is therefore perfectly suited to support your detailed bottom-up cost estimates, achieving the best possible accuracy.


A wide variety of unit rates is available, where each unit rate is a logical element or activity that can be represented as a cost per unit of measurement. A single unit rate can be composed of material and labor components.



Not only are the CESK Unit Rates a perfect way to build up your detailed cost estimates, they are also a strong basis for your tendering and bidding processes. Based on industry standards and thousands of real-life projects, the available unit rates give an accurate overview of the required labor hours and materials for common activities and components. That way you can be confident that your bid is competitive while maintaining profitability. Owner companies can use the CESK Unit Rates to validate and review submitted proposals against a reliable industry standard.


The CESK Unit Rates include detailed cost data for all disciplines, such as piping, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and instrumentation. Because this dataset contains more than 1 million components, an intuitive navigation and search tool is available to quickly find the unit rates you are looking for.



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Although piping is an important part of the CESK Unit Rates Data, Unit Rates are also available for numerous other disciplines,

such as electrical, instrumentation and steel structures. These can be found in the overview below.


  • Civil
    • Buildings
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Ceiling finish Asphalt Bitumen top < 0.50 m3 100 mm - 300 mm Install
      Counter Blinding 1 x 1 m 120min fire - resistant Supply & Install
      Escape Stairs & Ladders Brickwork 12 treads 60min fire - resistant  
      External wall finish Cage Ladder 2 x 10 m Acrylic  
      Floor finish Carpet 20 treads Aluminium  
      Floors Cellular Concrete 3 m2 Cellular Concrete  
      Internal wall finish Cement 50 mm 8 treads Concrete  
      Internal walls Cloak room 2,4 m Anhydrite screed Dia 50 mm - 500 mm  
      Kitchen unit Concrete Beam C28/35, Reinf. 100 kg/m3 Carpeting Double sheet  
      Main construction Concrete Column C28/35, Reinf. 150 kg/m3 Concrete Electrical  
      Outside walls Concrete Floor C28/35, Reinf. 60 kg/m3 Concrete tiles, 300 x 300 x 45 mm EPS  
      Prefab building, excl. Pile foundation Concrete Floor Pour C28/35, Reinf. 150 kg/m3 Concrete tiles, 500 x 500 x 47 mm Insulated  
      Roof finish Concrete Stability wall C28/35, Reinf. 100 kg/m3 DHG 100x100 mm Multiple levels  
      Roofing Concrete structure Epoxy screed PE  
      Sanitary fittings Door Fair - faced 1 - side PIR  
      Storage unit Door + Frame Fair - faced 2 - sides Rockwool  
        Doorframe Flashing Sendzimir Galv'd  
        Double door + Frame For rendering Single level  
        Drain tiles Gypsum Steel  
        Drill Hole (wall) Herakustik Steel (FR 120 min)  
        Electr Overhead Door 4 x 4 m (insulated) HR + + Steel (FR 30 min)  
        Fireproofing Industrial building Steel (FR 60 min)  
        Fitted wash basin L=2 m - L14 m Wood  
        Floor tiles Mineral tiles    
        Floorhatch 18 mm (60 mm insulation) Office building    
        Frame & window Pine    
        Glazing Plastic    
        Granite Reinforced    
        Gravel 16/32, 60 mm Single    
        Gypsum building blocks Sliding    
        Hand basin Steel    
        Hollow core plate System Floor    
        Insulation Thermosetting plastic    
        Kitchen element 2,1 m Thk 100 mm - 250 mm    
        Ladder Type 106R    
        Lattice girder plate Type 70R    
        Lime - sandstone Upper Floor    
        Linoleum Wood    
        Liquid tightning      
        Parquet floor      
        Plaster work      
        Plastic covering      
        Plastic top      
        Prefab concrete      
        Raised System floor on frame      
        Roof plates      
        Roof tiles      
        Rough - casting + Plaster work      
        Spindle stair      
        Spray paint      
        Steel plate concrete      
        Steel structure      
        System Ceiling      
        Trim including mastic      
        Trowel 6 mm      
        Wall Tiles      
        Window - ledge 30 mm      
    • Building Installations
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Communication 12 stops Capacity 1000 kg Fire detection Supply & Install
      Distribution of heat 4 stops Fire extinguisher Fire fighting  
      Electrical Air heating Fire hose General  
      Elevator Central heating General Lightning protection  
      Heating Data transfer Industrial building    
      Lighting Detection and alarms Office building    
      Security Emergency lighting Sprinkler system    
        Empty conduit Telematics    
        General lighting      
        General lighting      
    • Concrete foundations & structures
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Earthworks 4 Anchorbolts with gauge plate > 2,0 m3 1500 kg/m3 Install
      Floor on foundation Camers lead - through 0.50 - 2,0 m3 General Remove
      Foundations Cement Mortar Workfloor M 8 - M 30 Mechanical Supply & Install
        Chemical Anchor On terrain (site) Plastic fibers  
        Compact Sandbed Soil (from depot) Rebars  
        Concrete Beam C28/35, Reinf. 100 kg/m3 Stabilized sand (100 kg cement/m3), Steel fibers  
        Concrete Beam C28/35, Reinf. 60 kg/m3 Thk 50 mm - 600 mm    
        Concrete Column C28/35, Reinf. 150 kg/m3 Yellow sand    
        Concrete Pour C28/35, Reinf. 300 kg/m3      
        Concrete Strip C28/35, Reinf. 60 kg/m3      
        Concrete Workfloor C12/15      
        Concrete Workfloor C20/25      
        Fill - up (Backfill)      
        Foam Concrete Workfloor      
        Grouting mortar      
        Grouting steel column      
        Only Concrete      
        Only Formwork      
        Only Rebar      
        Soil transport      
    • Construction tools & equipment
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Construction Equip. Aggregate (Diesel) 0,15 - 0,2 m 1 m3 Rental
      Construction Tools AT Crane 0,2 - 0,3 m 12 m3 - 18 m3  
      Mobile Lifting Equip. Bulldozer 11 m3/min 8T - 50T  
      Mobile Transport Equip. Caterpilar 250 kVA 80L - 1500Lt  
        Caterpillar Crane 50 kW - 130 KW General  
        Compressor (Diesel) General    
        Ditch digger Hydraulic boom    
        Mini Caterpillar      
        Truck with crane      
        Vibrating Compacter      
        Vibrating Roller      
        Wheel loader      
    • Demolition
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Brickwork Floor tiles Manual remove
      Brickwork Floors 5 - 25 m3 Mechanical remove
      ceiling Foundations >25 m3  
      Concrete not reinforced General  
      Concrete reinforced Gympsum board General  
      Plaster work Lathed Halfbrick  
      Sawing brickwork Slot cutting for 3/4" Thk70mm - 520mm  
      Sawing concrete Suspended up to 150mm  
      System floor Wallopening 0,25m2 up to 190mm  
      System walls Walls up to 520mm  
      Temporary truss Walls tiles Wholebrick  
      Tiles   up to 150mm  
          up to 190mm  
          up to 520mm  
    • Drainage and sewerage
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Concrete piping Cap SW D1= 63mm - 2000mm Install
      Concrete piping (Reinf.) Double Socket Tee Dim= 250/375mm - 1000/1500mm Remove
      Concrete Sidewalk drain [Depth 0,6m) Drainpipe ( + coco fibre) Finish sand bed Supply
      Earthworks Elbow 45° SW General Supply & Install
      GRE piping Elbow 90° SW Ground  
      PE piping (PN16) Electro weld bend 90 Sand  
      PVC piping Electro weld bend 45 Soil (from depot)  
      Trench Electro weld SW    
        Fill - up (Backfill)    
        Inspection pit [Depth=0,5 m] - [Depth=1,75m]    
        Reducer SW    
        Reducing Tee SW    
        Soil excavate    
        Tee SW    
    • Excavation & backfill
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Trench Compact & profile From trench - ditch Manual Install
        Covering General Mechanical Rinstate
        Fill - up (Backfill) Paving Brick stones Manual excavate & Mechanical backfill Remove
        Soil excavate Sand (from depot)    
          Soil (from depot)    
    • Gates & fences
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Fence h=1.0 m (Galv'd + coated) - Double gate, grade bars W = 1 m - 12m Supply & Install
      Fence h=2.0 m (Galv'd + coated) General    
      Fence h=2.5 m (Galv'd + coated) Grade bars    
      Gate h=2.0 m (Galv'd + coated) Single gate, grade bars    
      Gate h=2.5 m (Galv'd + coated) Sliding gate, grade bars    
        Wire fence (Barbed wire)    
    • Roads & paving
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Foundation layers Asphalt (new) Adhesive layer 0,3 kg/m2, area 1.000 m2 Supply & Install
      Road paving (repair) Asphalt removal Aluminium road - sign 200 ton, 30 km  
      Road paving (new) Break up paving Asphalt 210 x 105 x 80 mm  
      Road signs Finish sand bed Asphalt bituminous 40 mm 250 mm  
        Pavement (new) Asphalt bituminous 80 mm 30 km  
        Pavement (Reinstate) Asphalt concrete General  
        Pavement layers Asphaltset B Manual  
        Preparation Bed of bricks, thickness 0,10 m Mechanical  
        Sawing pavement Bed of bricks, thickness 0,20 m Small  
        Sign posts Brick, load, transportSpec 0/11, type 1 
        Surface finishing Brickstones, (Waal format) Spec 0/16, vk 3, (AC 16 base 02)  
        Traffic marking Cement 40 mm Spec 0/22, vk 3, (AC 22 base 02)  
          Cement 80 mm    
          Cleaning pavement    
          Concrete brick, load, transport  
          Concrete bricks, (Waal format)    
          Concrete tiles, 300 x 300 x 45 mm    
          Concrete tiles, 500 x 500 x 47 mm    
          Concrete, curved channel    
          Curb stones asphalt    
          Curbstones with brickstones, (Waal format)    
          Curbstones with concrete brick    
          Curbstones with concrete, bend I    
          Curbstones with concrete, straight    
          Curbstones, load, transport  
          DAB - ZOAB - GAB - SAB, road metal    
          Demolish 150 mm    
          Demolish 250 mm    
          Finish sand bed    
          Granulated material    
          Grass concrete tiles, grey, 410 x 610 x 90 mm    
          Gutter, 1.950 x 495 x 160 mm    
          Industrial floor plate, 2.0 x 2.0 m    
          Line marking, clinker 100 mm    
          Line marking, paint 100 mm    
          Mill asphalt joint    
          Other Marking    
          Plastic inlay    
          Poles, straight    
          Poles, tapered    
          Reinforced concrete    
          Road metal    
          Sandpit Gutter, 495 x 495 x 160 mm    
          Sandpit Sunk gutter, 495 x 495 x 813 mm    
          Strickle - off    
          Sunk gutter, 1.95x 0.495 x 0.31 m    
          Surface 40 mm    
          Surface 80 mm    
          Tiles, stack, load, transport  
          Transport = < 30 km    
          Unreinforced concrete    
    • Site development
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Dewatering Compact & profile Alarm Installation >100 m3 Install
      Earthworks Equipment Annular drainage 0,5 - 1 km Remove
      Site facilities Fill - up (Backfill) Bicycles 1 - 2 km Maintain
      Site preparation Site Clearing Black sand 2 - 5 km Test
        Site survey Compact soil 4m Supply & Install
        Soil Drain sand 5 - 10 m3  
        Soil excavate Filter 5m  
        Soil process From pit 6m  
        Soil transport From trench - ditch Cadastre  
        Soil transport m3 per km General Equipment  
        Storage sheds Geo - technical report Extra over <=2 5 m  
          Ground Extra over > 25 m  
          In depot Extra over per point  
          In fill General  
          Level surface sandbed Hand - auger  
          Mechanical probing Large  
          Monitoring well Manual  
          On paved road Manual prepare & Mech exavate  
          On terrain (site) Mechanical  
          Pump and drain Per project  
          Sand Pre drilling  
          Soil movementSmall 
          Spare Generator Upto 10 m  
          Stake - out    
          Transport equipment    
          Yellow sand    
    • Steel Sheet piling
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Sheet pile [steel] Drive L=6 m - 20 m Install
      Corner pile [steel] Piling   General Remove
      Branche pile [steel] Pull     Rental & Install
              Supply & Install
    • Temporary Facilities
      Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
      Canteen unit Furniture + heating + lighting (12 x 3 m) (De - )Mobilization
      Corner pile [steel] Furniture + lighting (15 x 5 x 3,5 m) >180 days Rental & Install
      Office unit General (4 x 2 m) 61 - 180 days Rantal & Install
      Road plates [steel] 1 m Loading (6 x 2 m) General Repair
      Romney shed Piling (6 x 2,4 m)   Transport
      Sheet pile [steel] Thk 10 mm (6 x 3 m)    
      Storage container Unloading General    
      Toilet unit   L=5 m - 15 m    
  • Coating and Wrapping
    Fitting, valves and pipesRanges
    Elbow D = 1/2" - 48"
    Flange cap DN 15 - 1200
    Valve cap  
  • Electrical
    • Auxiliary equipment
      • Control panels
        Control stations EEx ed - control switch H - O - A, I - 0 - II Supply & Install
          EEx ed - with A - meter I - O - O, 0 - I - start Dismount
          EEx ed - mushroom H - 0 - A met 0 - I - start  
          EEx ed - with signallamp Local I - O - O, 0 - I - start  
            pushbutton start - stop  
            Control switch 1 - 0  
            Stop - 0 - Start  
            Loc - 0 - Rem. Pushb.st + stop  
            Ampere meter  
            Emergency stop  
            Push button + lamp  
            Signal lamp  
      • Junction boxes
        EExe zone 2 6 - 120 terminals Supply & Install  
        EExe, zone 3      
          3xM20, 4mm    
          3xM20, 1plug, 4mm    
          3xM25, 1plug, 6mm    
          4xM25, 2plug, 6mm    
          3xM32, 1plug, 10mm    
      • Socket outlets
        Conduit Hostalit Size= 5/8" Supply & Install
          PVC Size= 3/4" Dismount
            Size= 1"  
        Industrial outlets Ex socket outlet 2p - 4p + earth  
          Ex switch socket outlet 230V - 380V  
          Socket - Contactplug 16A - 125A  
          Socket outlet    
        PVC duct   Accessoires  
            P25 duct  
        Wall mounted   Combination  
            Data - Telephone  
        Wall trunking Outlet box Data - Telephone  
          Trunks Cover  
            Inside corner  
            Outside corner  
            T - piece  
      • Switches
        Eex End switch   Single Supply & Install
        Eex Foot switch Bartec Double Dismount
        Eexd Safety Switch   Triple  
        Motor control switch (MCS) <=5,5kW Direct  
          7,5 - 11kW Star/delta  
          15 - 18,5kW    
          22 - 30kW    
          37 - 55kW    
          75 - 90kW    
    • Cables
      • Conduit
        Size= 1" HDG Demolish
        Size= 2" SS316 Dismount
          UG PVC Install
      • Extra
        Earthing bonding (copper)   Demolish
        Insulation bush   Dismount
        Sticker "Danger HV"   Install
      • Ladderrack SS/HDG, Tray SS/HDG, Wire mesh tray
        50 - 1000mm Bend Horiz. 90° Demolish
          Cover fittings Dismount
          Cover straight Install
          Cross Supply
          Reducing plate (reducer)  
          Riser 90°  
      • Multi cable transit
        RGB Blocks Demolish
        RGS Endpacking Dismount
          Frames Install
          Spareblocks Supply
      • Pipe clamp
        Size= 1/2" hold down Demolish
        Size= 3/4" offset Dismount
        Size= 1"   Install
        Size= 1 1/4"   Supply
        Size= 1 1/2"    
        Size= 2"    
      • Tent

        No subtypes

      • Unistrut
        Unistrut Double Profile Demolish
            Accesoiries Dismount
          Single   Supply
    • Cables support material
      MV cables Armour 6 - 10 kV General General Connect
        Armour 8,7 - 15 kV 1 x 0,8 mm2 Disconnect
        Armour 12 - 20 kV 2 x 0,5 mm2 Dismount ag
        Armour 18 - 30 kV 3 x 0,75 mm2 Dismount ug
          4 x 1,0 mm2 Lay ag
      LV cables Flex EMC 5 x 1,5 mm² Lay ug
          6 x 2,5 mm² Supply
        PVC 7 x 4 mm² Supply & install
          8 x 6 mm² Supply & lay ag
      Earthing cable Armour SWB 10 x 10 mm² Supply & lay ug
      Earthing cable ZH Armoured 12 x 16 mm²  
      LV cable EPR Armoured 14 x 25 mm²  
      LV cable ZH Armoured EMC 16 x 35 mm²  
      LV cable ZH FB 30 Armoured Flex 19 x 50 mm²  
      LV cable ZH FB 30/60 EMC 21 x 70 mm²  
      LV cable ZH FB 90 Lead Armour 24 x 95 mm²  
      Wiring Non - Arm 30 x 120 mm²  
      Wiring ZH Non - Arm 37 x 150 mm²  
        Non - Arm EMC   185 mm²  
        Non - Arm Flex   240 mm²  
        Non - Arm Flex FB 30/60   300 mm²  
        Non - Arm Flex FB 90   400 mm²  
        Non - Arm PH 30/60   500 mm²  
        Non - Arm PH 90   630 mm²  
        Non - Arm Red      
        Wiring   10 upto 70 mm²  
            95 upto 150 mm²  
      M. V. cables Splice box 3 x 185 upto 240 mm²  
            2,5 upto 6 mm²  
            10 upto 35 mm²  
      L. V. cables Splice box 4 x 50 upto 95 mm²  
        Termination 7 x 120 upto 240 mm²  
          12 x    
          19 x    
          24 x    
    • Consumers
      • Lighting fixtures
        Floodlight Closed 18W - 400W Supply & Install
        Industrial Ground   Dismount
        Lighting mast Louvred    
        Office Water proof    
          Zone 1    
          Zone 2    
      • L.V. motors
        Electric motor EEx d 3000 rpm (2 poles) 0,37 - 132kW Supply & Install
        Electric motor EEx e 1500 rpm (4 poles)   Dismount
        Electric motor EEx n 1000 rpm (6 poles)    
          750 rpm (8 poles)    
      • Variable speed drives
        Frequency converter   3 - 132 kW Supply & Install
        Freq.regulator   1 - 350 kVA  
        Soft starter      
    • Distribution equipment
      • H.V. switchgear
        Fuse switch disconnector     Suppy & Install
        Load break switch 6kV - 30kV Incoming feeder upto 630 A  
          150MVA - 1500 MVA Outcoming feeder upto 630 A  
      • Motor control centers
        Electrical power station Motor control center General Suppy & Install
        Motor control center (MCC) 15 - 600kW    
      • Sub distribution panels
        Switch gear Low voltage switch 10 Outgoing feeders 250 A Suppy & Install
            10 Outgoing feeders 400 A  
            10 Outgoing feeders 630 A  
            Incoming feeder 1600 A  
      • Transformers
        Standard transformer 10kV / 400V Cast resin Suppy & Install
          30kV / 10kV Oil filled  
          20kV / 400kV    
          100kVA - 15MVA    
    • Misc Material
      • Name plates
        Resopal Dismount
        SS 316 Tagplate Suppy & Install
      • Supporting
        2 - 40kg Dismount
          Suppy & Install
    • Panels & systems
      • Panels
        Distribution board Floor mounted <=1 00 KG Dismount
          Wall mounted > 101 KGSuppy & Install
            > 201 KG 
        Control panel   > 201 KG 
            > 401 KG  
      • Panel equipment
        Components 19" Blindplate General Dismount
          19" Card connector Large Suppy & Install
          19" Power Supply Small  
          19" Printcard 1 - pool  
          19" rack 2 - pool  
          Automatic fuse 3 - pool  
          Cable input 3xM20, 4mm, IP67  
          e/o Solder 3xM20, 1plug, 4mm, IP67  
          e/o Termi - point 3xM25, 1plug, 6mm, IP67  
          e/o Wire - wrap 4xM25, 2plug, 6mm, IP67  
          Fuse box 3xM32, 1plug, 10mm, IP67  
          Main switch 4xPG16, IP68  
          Radicorbord 4xPG21, IP68  
          Relais 8xPG21, IP68  
          Shield switch    
          Swivelling frame    
        Internals Codeterminal    
          Equipment on rail    
          Omega rail    
          Wire duct    
    • Power sources
      • Battery & charger units
        UPS 1 - 10 kVA Dismount
          11 - 25 kVA Suppy & Install
          26 - 50 kVA  
          51 - 100 kVA  
      • Generator units
        Rotating Auxiliary diesel generator General Dismount
          Diesel power station High speed Suppy & Install
            Slow speed  
          Backpressure turbine generator    
          Gas turbine generator    
      • Power rectifier units
        General 110 V/DC 1 - 10 kVA Dismount
        Other brand 220 V/DC 11 - 25 kVA Suppy & Install
        Saft 360 V/DC 26 - 50 kVA  
          410 V/DC 51 - 100 kVA  
      • Static Supply units
        In 230V/Out 240V 3 kVA   Dismount
        In 3x400V/Out 230V 5 kVA   Install
        In 3x400V/Out 3x400V 10 kVA   Supply & Install
        In 3x415V/Out 3x415V ICT 15 kVA    
          20 kVA    
          30 kVA    
          40 kVA    
          50 kVA    
          60 kVA    
          75 kVA    
          80 kVA    
          100 kVA    
          100 kVA    
          120 kVA    
          150 kVA    
          160 kVA    
          220 kVA    
    • System packages
      • Earth syst - lightn.prot
        Connections C - clamp Dismount
        Strip Crimpet Install
          Earth bar Supply & Install
      • Heat tracing system
        Cable Pipe Self regulating Dismount
            Constant power Install
              Supply & Install
          Vessels - Tanks Self regulating  
            Constant power  
            TES - FOJ  
        Connection Endconnection Self regulating  
            Constant power  
            TES - FOJ  
        Junctionboxes Endlight    
          Junctionbox with support    
          Star or Junctionbox    
        Safety Warningsticker    
      • Lighting system
        Temporary system Container 230V Dismount
          Distribution box 400V Install
          Extension cable General Supply & Install
          Hand lamp    
          Isolating transformer    
          Portable Cabin    
    • Testing & pre - comm.
      • Cables
        Low voltage Power supply cable Meggertest
          Signal cables Meggertest on reel
        Tracing   Circuit test
      • Earthing
        Circuit Measure resistance
      • Motors
        Low voltage COS Phi measurement
        High voltage Determine rotation
          Function test
          Start / stop circuit test
  • Equipment Installation
    TypesSub typesRangesInstallation locations
    Columns   1,000 - 400,000 Install or unload
    Compressor Centrifugal 0 - 300,000  
    Heat exchanger   1,000 - 125,000  
    Package Unit   0 - 300,000  
    Pump + motor   0 - 50,000  
    Skid Unit   1,000 - 100,000  
    Trays & Internals Bubble cap tray 0 - 5,500 mm  
      Chimney tray bolted    
      Chimney tray sealwelded    
      Demister package    
      Demister part of package    
      Distributor tray    
      Holddown grid    
      Liquid distributor    
      Random packing    
      Sieve tray    
      Structured packing    
      Support grid    
      Tray manway    
      Valve tray    
      Vapor distributor    
    Vessel Horizontal 0 - 400,000  
  • Instrumentation
    • Analysers
      • Analysers (oil refineries)
        Boiling point Analyser Supply Demolish
        Cloud, Freeze, Pour point Sample rack   Dismount
        Color analysis     Install
        Flash point     Supply & Install
        Vapour pressure      
        Viscometric analysis      
      • Boiler feed & Wastewater
        COD analyser Supply Dismount
        Dissolved oxygen   Install
        Oil in boiler feed water   Supply
        Oil in water   Supply & Install
        Sodium concentration    
        Total hydrocabons    
      • Density measurement
        Gas plug in type Frequency convertor Supply
        Liquid plug in type Frequency damping  
          Gamma absorption  
      • Flue gas analysers
        Flue gas density Photoelectric Supply Dismount
        Oxygen content Paramagnetic   Install
          Zirconium oxide cell   Supply
        Sulphur dioxide Electric conductance   Supply & Install
      • Gas chromatograph
        Thermal conductivity One stream Supply
          Two Streams  
          Four streams  
          e/o flame detector  
          e/o maintenance recorder  
          Service gas  
      • Gas - component analysers
        Infra red absorption   Supply
        Thermal conductivity    
        Ultraviolet Single beam  
          Double beam  
      • Humidity measurement
        Dew point/hygrometer Infra red absorption Supply
          Li Cl / Rhodium cell  
        Gases Aluminium oxide detector  
          Crystal oscillation  
        Water in fluid Titration  
      • Physicochemical
        Conductance measurement Supply
        Ion concentration analysis  
        Ion selective measurement  
        pH measurement  
      • Sulphur analysers
        H2S safety equipment   Supply
        H2S/SO2 ratio    
        Sulphur in fluid    
        Sulphur in gas Burning to SO2  
          H2S in process stream  
    • Auxilary equipment
      • Alarm panels
        Exd pushbutton box Push button 1 piece
          Signal light 2 pieces
            3 pieces
            4 pieces
    • Cables
      • Cable support materials
        Unistrut Single   Connect
          Double Profile Disconnect
            Accesoiries Dismount ag
              Dismount ug
        Conduit Size= 1" HDG Lay ag
          Size= 2" SS316 Lay ug
            UG PVC Supply
              Supply & install
        Pipe clamp Size= 1/2"   Supply & lay ag
          Size= 3/4"   Supply & lay ug
          Size= 1" hold down  
          Size= 1 1/4" offset  
          Size= 1 1/2"    
          Size= 2"    
        Tray HDG 50 - 1000mm Straight  
        Tray - SS   Bend Horiz. 90°  
        Ladderrack HDG   Riser 90°  
        Ladderrack SS   Reducing plate (reducer)  
        Wire mesh tray   Tee's  
            Cover straight  
            Cover fittings  
        Extra Earthing bonding (copper)    
          Insulation bush    
          Sticker "Danger HV"    
        Multi cable transit RGB Blocks  
          RGS Endpacking  
      • Fiber optic cables
        Cables Duplex General Connect
          Multicore (6 to 24 fibers) 6 fiber Disconnect
            24 fiber Dismount ag
              Dismount ug
        Connectors Connector   Lay ag
              Lay ug
        General connections Bringing multicore cable into junction box, per cable end of 6 fibers   Supply
          Laying & connecting connectorised duplex cable   Supply & install
              Supply & lay ag
        Testing Attenuation measurement   Supply & lay ug
        Welding Crimp or fusion weld    
      • L. V. cables
        L. V. cables Armour SWA, Col + Ind scr 0,8 mm² Flexible class 5 Connect
          Armour SWA, Col scr 1 - 48x Solid class 1 Disconnect
          Armour SWA, Ind scr 1 mm² Stranded class 2 Dismount ag
          Armour SWB, Col + Ind scr 1,5 mm²   Dismount ug
          Armour SWB, Col scr 2 x 0,5 mm²   Lay ag
          Armour SWB, Ind scr 2 x 0,75 mm²   Lay ug
          Coax cabling 2 x 0,8 mm²   Supply
          Col + Ind scr 2 x 1 mm²   Supply & install
          Col scr 2 x 1,3 mm²   Supply & lay ag
          Col scr FB30 2 x 1,5 mm²   Supply & lay ug
          Col scr FB30/60 2 x 2,5 mm²    
          Col scr FB90 4 x 0,5 mm²    
          Col scr FB90 4 x 0,75 mm²    
          Ind scr 4 x 0,8 mm    
          No scr 4 x 1 mm²    
            RG 12 - RG215    
      • Misc. cables
        Misc. cables Blind Plug M12 - M75 PVC Connect
          Gland   Brass Disconnect
              Shroud Dismount ag
                Dismount ug
                Lay ag
                Lay ug
                Supply & install
                Supply & lay ag
                Supply & lay ug
    • Field equipment
      • Converters
        I - P Size= 1/4" Demolish
        Controller Size= 3/8" Dismount
        Transmitter Size= 1/2" Install
            Supply & Install
      • Pneumatic
        Air Filter Regulator Rigid   Demolish
        Air Filter Regulator   Dismount
        Air Regulator   Install
        Air Regulator Rigid Filt   Supply & Install
        Air Tyfon    
        Distribution Manifold    
        Air Station 6 Way  
          12 Way  
          18 Way  
      • Small equipment
        19"rack with 4 fixing point General Demolish
        Flow switch on pipe Dismount
        I/P or P/I converter on support Install
        Instr. or transmitter In cabinet Supply & Install
        Limit switch    
        Manifold block    
        Module in 19"rack    
        Panel equipment    
        Power Supply 230 VAC - 12 VAC    
        Pressure gauge / thermometer    
        Pressure switch    
        Protective cabinet    
        Regulator / filter    
        Screwed thermo well    
        Solenoid valve    
        Temperature switch    
        Thermocouple / PT element    
        Thermowell head    
      • Switch
        Hand Switch General Demolish
        Limit   Dismount
            Supply & Install
      • Valves
        Valves Control valve   Demolish
          ON/OFF valve   Dismount
          Solenoid valve   Install
              Supply & Install
    • Installation material
      • Supporting
        Standards   2 kg Demolish
            5 kg Dismount
            10 kg Install
            15 kg Supply & Install
            25 kg  
        Typicals Concrete floor    
          Mounting plate    
          Steel floor    
          Switch post    
          Wall mounted    
        Custom Base rate    
          Extra over kg    
      • Tubing
        Tube and fittings Ball Valve Size= 1/16" Demolish
          Cap Size= 1/8" Dismount
          Check valve Size= 1/4" Install
          Connector Size= 3/8" Supply & Install
          Connector, Union Size= 1/2" Demolish
          Connector, Union Bulkhead Size= 5/8" Dismount
          Connector, Union Cross Size= 3/4" Install
          Connector, Union Elbow Size= 1" Supply & Install
          Connector, Union Tee    
          Hex coupling    
          Hex nipple    
          Hex reducer    
          Needle valve    
          Pipe cap    
          Pipe plug    
          Quick Connector    
          Quick Connector, Dust Cap    
          Tubing L <=3 m    
        Valve block 2 way    
          3 way    
          5 way    
    • Instruments
      • Control valves
        Ball valve General Demolish
        Butterfly valve   Dismount
        Eccentric plug valve   Install
        Globe valve   Supply & Install
        Membrane valve    
        Segment ball valve    
        Electrical Actuators Multi - turn  
          Quarter turn  
      • Flow instruments
        Flow transmitters Transmitters Differential pressure
        Primary elements Indicator General
      • Level instruments
        Level gauges Indicator Radar
          Switch Remote Seal
        Level transmitters Transmitters Electronic
      • Pressure instruments
        Pressure equipment Controller Diaphragm type
        Pressure gauges Gauge Differential diaphragm type
          Indicator Electronic
          Switch Exd
        Pressure transmitters Transmitters  
      • Temperature instruments
        Temperature elements Element Demolish
          Gauge Dismount
          Indicator Install
          Switch Supply & Install
        Temperature equipment Controller  
        Temperature transmitter Transmitters  
    • Panels & systems
      • Control systems
        DCS Control room unit e/o for Eex - i Supply & Install
            e/o per I/O  
            e/o redundant add. 64 outputs  
            e/o redundant upto 64 outputs  
            Unit for 8 controlled outputs  
            Unit for data acquisition  
            Unit for mV signals  
          Operator interface e/o printer  
            e/o recorder console  
            e/o video copier  
            Operating station  
      • Logic systems
        Logic systems PLC Central processing unit 256 discrete I/O's
              1000 discrete I/O's
              2000 discrete I/O's
              e/o Redundant application
            e/o analog input  
            e/o analog output  
            e/o digital input  
            e/o digital output  
            e/o intrinsic safe I/O  
            Panel incl. mount and wiring  
            Programming unit with printer  
    • Testing & pre - comm.
      Cables Low voltage Meggertest 1 upto 10 wires
          Meggertest on reel 11 upto 24 wires
            25 upto 40 wires
            41 upto 60 wires
            61 upto 80 wires
            81 upto 100 wires
      Control I/P Converter General Tune
      Level Transmitter Magnetic Tune
      Loop Testing General General General
      Pressure Transmitter General Calibrate
        Diff. Transmitter With Cap/Membr  
      Valves MOV Vlgs 3140 Tune
            Function test
  • Insulation
    Fitting, valves and pipesRangesMaterialsActivities
    Elbow D = 1/2" - 48" Cold type (ALU) (Rem Insu + Sheet)
    End cap DN 15 - 1200 Cold type (SS) (Rem + Re - use Insu)
    Equipment Thk = 30 - 140mm Hot type (ALU) (Re - use Insu + Sheet)
    Flange cap   Hot type (SS) (Re - use Sheet + New Insu)
    Pipe     (New Insu + New Sheet)
    Reducer     (Rem&Re - use Insu + Sheet)
    Tee     (Rem&New Insu + Rem&Re - use Sheet)
    Valve Cap     (Rem&New Insu + Rem&New Sheet)
  • Painting
    Fitting, valves and pipesRangesMaterialsActivities
    (m2) D = 1/2" - 48" - 20 up to + 120 °C, CS Painting + Blasting [SA2.5] + X% Touch - up
    Bend 45 DN 15 - 1200 > + 120 up to + 200 °C, CS  
    Bend 90   > + 200 up to + 450 °C, CS  
    Cap   Spec. 
    Elbow   - 20 up to + 120 °C, SS  
    Flange   > + 120 up to + 200 °C, SS  
    Flange cap      
    Valve cap      
    Weld (field)      
  • Piping Install
    • Flange connection
      Sub activities 
      Bolttensioning Field
      Dismount Prefab
    • Install and dismount fittings valves etc.
      Sub activitiesRangesMaterials 
      Fitting 1 end 150# - 2500# Alloy20 Field
      Fitting 2 end D= 1/8 - 48" CS Prefab
      Fitting 3 end Sch=5(S) - Sch=160(S) CS:GALV  
      Floating chamber   Duplex  
      Position controller   Hastelloy  
      Position indicator   LTCS  
      SB, BF or SP   SS  
      Valve   Titanium  
      Valve & drive      
      Wafer type valve      
      Wafer type valve      
    • Pipe
      Sub activities 
      Bending Field
      Cutting Prefab
      Dismount ISBL  
      Dismount OSBL  
      Dismount Pipe rack  
      Install ISBL  
      Install OSBL  
      Install Pipe rack  
    • Pressure test
      Sub activities 
      Flange connection Field
      Floating chamber Prefab
      Position controller  
      Position indicator  
      SB, BF or SP  
      Valve & drive  
    • Threaded connection
      Sub activities 
      Cutting thread Field
      Dismount Prefab
      Install incl cutting thread  
    • Welding
      Sub activities 
      Branch 45degree Field
      Branch 90degree Prefab
      Butt weld  
      Fillet weld  
      Mitre weld  
      Olet weld  
      Pre heat  
      Reinforced ring 45 degree  
      Reinforced ring 90 degree  
      Stress relief / Post welded heat treatment  
  • Piping material (ASME)
    Fitting, valves and pipesRangesMaterials 
    Bellows 150 - 3000# Alloy20 Supply
    Bending pipe D= 1/2 - 48" CS  
    Bleed Ring Sch=5(S) - 160(S) CS GALV  
    Bushing   Duplex  
    Cap   Hasteloy  
    Coupling   LTCS  
    Cross   SS304  
    Elbolet   SS316  
    Elbow   Titanium  
    Level Gauges      
    Quick coupling      
    Reducer Insert      
    Sight Glass      
    Spectacle blind      
    Steam trap      
    Strainer, Basket      
    Strainer, T      
    Strainer, Y      
    Swage, Concentric      
    Swage, Eccentric      
    Test Blank      
    Valve, Ball (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Butterfly (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Check      
    Valve, Diaphragm      
    Valve, ESD      
    Valve, Gate (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Globe (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Other      
    Valve, Relief      
  • Piping material (DIN)
    Fitting, valves and pipesRangesMaterials 
    Cap DN 15 - 1200mm 1.4306 Supply
    Elbolet PN10 - 400 1.4404  
    Elbow Wth = 1,4 - 65 mm CS  
    Flange   LTCS  
    Valve, Ball (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Butterfly (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Check      
    Valve, Gate (Manual operated)      
    Valve, Globe (Manual operated)      
  • Plastic Piping Material
    Fitting, valves and pipesRangesMaterials 
    Elbow 45 deg D = 1/2" - 20" GRP Supply
    Elbow 90 deg D = 20 - 500mm HDPE/PE  
    Flange PN10 - 16 PVC  
    Pipe Wth 2 - 29,4    
  • Plastic piping
    • Flange connection
      Sub activitiesRangesMaterials 
      Dismount D = 1/2" - 20" GRP Field
      Install D = 20 - 500mm HDPE/PE Prefab
        Wth 2 - 29,4 PVC  
    • Install and dismount valves and fittings
      Sub activitiesMaterials
      Valve Field
      Valve & drive Prefab
      Wafer type valve  
      SB, BF or SP  
    • Pipe
      Sub activitiesRangesMaterials
      Dismount ISBL PN10 - 16 Field
      Dismount OSBL   Prefab
      Dismount Pipe rack    
      Install ISBL    
      Install OSBL    
      Install Pipe rack    
    • Welding
      Sub activitiesMaterials
      Electric wel socket connection Field
      Glue connection Prefab
      Laminate connection  
      Mirror weld  
      Stress resistant rubber connection  
  • Scaffolding
    • Misc. Equipment
      Sub typesActivities
      Independent standing scaffolding Install
      Mobile tower Rental
      Suspended Bridging  
      Wire netting  
    • Scaffolds
      Sub typesActivities
      Corrugated sheeting Dismantle
      Covers Install
      Flooring Rental
      Frost screen contruction  
      Frost screen contruction independent  
      Ladder entrence  
      Safety bar  
      Safety swiing gate  
      Shrinking foil  
      System covers  
      Tent construction  
      Wire netting  
  • Steel structures
    Contains components for supply and installation of Aluminum, CS HDG, CS Painted and SS: 
    Safety gates
    Profiles including:
    Equal and unequal L
    Equal and unequal T


If you want to know more about CESK unit rates and CESK data, please feel free to contact us.