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Check out the CESK datasets

CESK Objects

Used for high level feasibility and conceptual estimating.

Got an idea, but no design yet? Evaluate the project’s viability with CESK Objects through an object oriented estimating approach. This combines the costs of equipment with all related costs like piping, insulation, installation, etc. by selecting an interactive set of options.

CESK Composites

Used for quantitative estimating in high level estimates.

For early phase estimating up to the concept phase use the CESK Composites in order to quickly estimate the costs of your project when using main quantities as input, like e.g. straight length of pipe. The CESK composites contain the intelligence to derive the total costs for example for a typical piping system including insulation and painting. Contains a range of different disciplines for your high level cost estimates.

CESK Mining

Used for conceptual and detailed estimating in mining projects.

Contains the perfect data for conceptual estimating and detailed estimating of mining CAPEX projects. Using the built-in cost models, you can estimate the relevant equipment costs quickly and accurately. The knowledgebase consists of several key mechanical underground mining equipment, surface mining equipment and process equipment.

CESK Bill of Quantities

Used with typical output information such as Bill of Quantities or Bill of Materials from engineering tools.

This knowledgebase contains all you need to put a price tag on your basic or detailed design. Includes both the materials and related activities (e.g. welding, cable connecting, handling, testing, etc.) for fast estimating purposes.

CESK Unit-Rates

Used for bidding and detailed estimating purposes.

Create cost estimates as accurate as possible! Includes installation hours & rates, material supplies and equipment rentals for all disciplines like piping & mechanical, civil & structural and electrical & instrumentation.

CESK Process Equipment

Used for estimating equipment in the conceptual phase.

Contains all the data you need to determine the cost of your equipment. Use the built-in cost models to get to your specific equipment costs and be able to quickly build a total installed cost estimate using W.E. Hand’s factor estimating methodologies.

CESK Offshore

Used for estimating all your offshore and marine works.

Specifically built to make estimates for all your marine and installation work. It covers everything you need to properly estimate offshore pipe and cable laying and platform installation works.

CESK Engineering

Used for estimating basic and detail engineering work.

Estimating the costs and labor of a project execution is one thing, but there’s already a lot of effort before the start of the project execution. CESK Engineering is a good basis for estimating your basic and detail engineering activities based on a large set of engineering deliverables. CESK Engineering helps you increase the accuracy and efficiency of your engineering estimates.

Custom Datasets

Looking for a specific solution?

All of our datasets are designed to be well-structured, easy to maintain and flexible. Besides continuously perfecting our datasets, we are also able to create custom datasets. Our motivated team is highly trained in analyzing, organizing and structuring cost data. This enables your data to meet the specific requirements of your project, as conditions may vary between industries or regions. Contact us for more information.

Want to learn more about CESK datasets?