19th Jul

CESK Data release notes 2022

A well-structured and comprehensive database needs to be improved and updated frequently. When maintaining CESK Database, we are driven by the questions from our clients and demands of the market. That’s how we ensure that the new version of CESK meets the needs of the market even better.

As part of the CESK Data release for 2022, we have made several additions as well as improvements to the existing data to suit the needs of estimators. Our main focus was to quantify and validate the price increases in commodities and labor that were observed during Q4-2021 and the first part of Q1-2022. This was necessary as project costs/success has a direct dependency on market fluctuations, and the cost estimate should reflect that.

1) New Developments

Mining equipment supply cost models

To further improve the dataset for the mining industry, additional Equipment Unit-Rates(+100) cost models have been developed for the following equipment with standards/choices for underground mining:

  • Drills, excavators, haulers
  • Loaders and supporting equipment
  • Tunneling equipment

With these developments, we move closer to our goal of supporting the entire mining value chain.

Expanding to additional Regions

Scandinavia (also applicable to Finland) and Australia (West) were added as additional locations to factor tables and rate lists to support the growing need of our clients to create estimates for projects in these locations.

Cost model for a Tank pit

Storage tanks are crucial within a facility and tank farms are part of a strategic resource for a country. In case of unexpected situations, the contents within a tank must be safely contained within a pit. To support the containment of tanks, a new cost model has been developed. This is beneficial to several of our tank farm/storage facility clients.

Cost model for the Distributed Control system (DCS)

To help estimate the costs of the Distributed Control system, a parametric cost model was developed based on several project and technical parameters. This model is a multi-variable model that depends on several project properties as well as design philosophies for the instrumentation discipline. This model has been built to cover a wide range of industries such as Refineries, Speciality chemicals, Food and Nutrition, Mining, and Bulk storage.

Offshore Windfarm Cost Models

To support our clients from the renewables sector, who are involved in offshore wind, an additional knowledgebase to estimate the total installed cost of an offshore wind farm along with parametric cost models for the Wind turbine generator and foundations, array cables, export cables, offshore and onshore substations, and installation has been developed.

2) Existing Improvements

Objects include civil project variable

Our existing object models can be estimated without a civil foundation in the new release. This is to support estimates where the civil scope is excluded from the project.

Piping model>48”

The large piping model has been enhanced with insulation, painting, and supporting costs. This makes the model equivalent to the CESK Data piping Composites.

Civil Roads Model

The cost model to estimate a road has been updated with options to include bike lanes, curbstone hydrants, and more. This has been done to reflect the actual design and options that are available in construction.

3) Additional information

Don’t forget

CESK Data 2022 is released with additional items:

  • Templates: including labor rates, and breakdown structures.
  • Factor tables
  • Currency rate list
  • Import scripts for equipment models (3 packages: unit-rates, composites, and objects)
  • Excel templates for equipment import scripts (3 templates: uni-rates, composites, and objects)

Do you have questions regarding the CESK Data release 2022, or do you want to know more about CESK Data? Please feel free to contact us.